• Eric Omondi posted a video of Ugandan ladies throwing bras at him during his set

• Some netizens lauded him for winning the hearts of Ugandan ladies

• Others, especially his fellow Kenyan celebrities who concluded he scripted the whole thing

Witty Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, on Friday, July 14, flew to Uganda to support his comedy colleague Alex Muhangi on his vibrant Comedy Store Uganda show.

The comedy event was fused with music performances by various acts such as Kenya’s Nameless and Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz.

Eric Omondi was not on the official list of performers but killed the show as a surprise artiste.

Eric Omondi in Uganda. Photo: Nairobi Gossip Club/Instagram.

Well, in his usual demeanor, Eric Omondi ensured his performance left a mark, especially on social media.

The comedian hit the stage for his slot and even before he could start, ladies who were near the podium started throwing him their bras and inner wears.

Judging by the ladies’ reaction, it is clear the comedian had touched them in a special way.

Eric Omondi shared the video of the ladies throwing him the bras and panties on stage on his social media pages as he disclosed how much Ugandan women love him.

“Yesterday was a very sad say. I got to Kampala late and I couldn’t even perform my set because the ladies kept throwing their bras and panties at me. I know you love me Uganda but that was too much, honestly.” Eric Omondi captioned the video.

Some of Eric Omondi’s fans bought his narration and camped on the comments section of his post to laud him for killing Ugandan ladies softly with his comedy.

Others, however, especially Eric Omondi’s fellow Kenyan celebrities such as Mulamwah had varied opinions about the video.

Quite a number of Kenyan celebraties and commoners dragged the comedian online on end, holding that the comedian planted the ladies in the audience.

Many insisted the comedian scripted the whole thing just for clout.

The same did not come as a surprise to many Kenyans who are used to his many publicity stunts.

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