• Cartoon Comedian dropped hints she has been single and lonely

• According to the content creator, loneliness has forved her to start loving marijuana

Comedian and content creator Cartoon Comedian has confirmed to the world that the July/August coldness can do a number on single people.

Cartoon Comedian recently dropped hints that she has been single but not happy about it at all.

Cartoon Comedian hinted she is single and lonely. Photo: Cartoon Comedian/Instagram.

Taking to her Instagram page, the comedian disclosed that she has been suffering from loneliness for some time now.

Cartoon Comedian went ahead to reveal that her state of loneliness has pushed her into loving marijuana.

According to Cartoon Comedian, Marijuana or rather weed has been her companion and best friend for the past few months.

Cartoon Comedian said weed has become her best companion. Photo: Cartoon Comedian/Instagram.

“Lonely AF! Smoking weed is my major bestie,” Cartoon Comedian wrote.

Her revelation stunned her fans who could not believe such a hottie could be single.

Some wondered how and why a public figure would publicly confess to smoking weed, which is an illegal substance in Kenya.

Well, some men used the opportunity to shoot their shots on the comments section of Cartoon Comedian’s post, holding that they can give her unrivalled companionship for eternity.

Cartoon Comedian’s male fans volunteered to offer her companionship for free. Photo: Cartoon Comedian/Instagram.

Cartoon Comedian has been very private with her romantic relationships but came out a couple of months ago to announce her breakup.

The talented content creator disclosed that she had to dump her man after finding out he was cheating on her.

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