• Ahmad Hope Maker has drilled boreholes, paid school fees and donated food to different people in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Ukraine

• The businessman has been doing philanthropic work with money from his own pockets and has never shown interest in joining politics

• Many have lauded him for coming through for countless people in their times of need

• Ahmad has received several humanity awards for his philanthropy

The world is blessed with countless rich personalities, that goes without saying.

However, not most of them usually help the less fortunate in times of need.

It is therefore an occurrence to laud one of blessed few whenever they take it upon themselves to help others and better their lives in the best ways possible.

UAE-born Ahmad Alnzr Alfalasi, known to many as Ahmad Hope Maker happens to be among the few abled business people who have come through for others in their time of need.

Yeiyo.com has learnt that Ahmad Hope Maker may not be a popular online personality, but his socio-economic influence has proceeded his name for the longest time now.

Ahmad Hope Maker has not only been offering food and other basic needs donations to various community but has also ensured most of them get access to clean water by drilling countless boreholes in different areas.

Using his own funds and without any help from the government, the philanthropic businessman has also seen most students through school thanks to his bursary programs.

One thing that stands out for Ahmad Hope Maker is the fact that his aid considers different areas ranging from food, health, education and other issues affecting different communities from diverse geographical locations.

Ahmad Hope Maker may not be Kenyan or Tanzanian but his helping hand has not been limited to the former country alone as he has also been doing impressive charity works in Tanzania, Zanzibar and soon intends to cover the entire East and Central Africa.

The highlight of Ahmad Hope Maker’s philanthropic journey came recently when he shipped out aid worth millions of shillings to help Ukrainians during the ongoing Russia versus Ukraine war.

Going through Ahmad Hope Maker, one can clearly see the community work he has been doing and the great changes he has brought in different communities.

Yeiyo.com understands Ahmad Hope Maker has friends in high places including countries’ presidents, governors, MPs and MCAs.

Ahmad Hope Maker is based in the UAE but that has never stopped him from assisting his countrymen back at home.

Judging by countless photos on his social media pages, it is clear Ahmad Hope Maker has even more better plans for Kenyans as far as fighting hunger, lack of water, unemployment and other challenges are concerned.

It is known world over that most people who engage in philanthropic works always end up asking for votes for different political seats in future.

However, Ahmad has never shown interest in politics despite his countless support to people world over and doing precisely what should have been the responsibility of office holders.

Even without showing interest in the political arena, Ahmad Hope Maker’s good work has been seen and recognised in different countries, earning him various accolades, rather awards such as Arab Hope Ambassador 2021 and Arab Hope Maker 2020.

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