Brown Mauzo says he’s not jealous when Vera Sidika talks to her ex-lover Otile Brown


• Brown Mauzo confirmed he has not broken up with Vera Sidika contrary to earlier reports

• The musician revealed he does not get jealous whenever Vera Sidika interacts with her ex lovers

Socialite Vera Sidika’s husband Brown Mauzo has strongly shut down claims that that have broken up.

Brown Mauzo, during an interview with Anjali Ray on his Wambea 254 segment on Milele FM confirmed they are still together despite his wife’s earlier cryptic posts insinuating the worst.

Brown Mauzo denied claims his marriage with Vera Sidika is on the rocks. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika has two lives, the public one and hee private which people should learn to understand.

Mauzo noted that Vera may insinuated they had parted ways but that was just for social media.

In real life, rather on ground, the relationship between Vera and Brown Mauzo is still intact, at least according to the musician.

“We are still together. Sometimes Vera just posts things on social media just for that but on ground everything is okay.” Mauzo disclosed.

Mauzo also disclosed that he does not get jealous whenever Vera Sidika posts her ex-lover Otile Brown’s song or even talk to him.

Vera’s hubby Mauzo insisted that he is a grown man and understands something’s are just for social media and work, therefore can never suspect his wife of cheating on him whenever she interacts with her ex lovers.

He went on to add that if Otile is a good musician with dope music, then he has no control over who likes his songs and share online.

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika welcomed their second baby in March 2023. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

“I am a Muslim and I cannot lie to you. I can never get jealous whenever Vera talks to Otile or shares his music. We are all adults and we understand some things are just for work and social media.” Brown Mauzo said.

The latest development unfolded barely days after Vera Sidika, through a series of cryptic Instagram posts hinted at their breakup.

Vera Sidika’s posts left their fans at crossroads with many wondering how soon the breakup came, owing to the fact the couple just welcomed their second child recently.

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