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Douglas Baya, Ardent Leeda excite fans with return of Chill Na Dee on Tonzi Radio


• News about the return of the viral weekend radio show Chill Na Dee was first made public by Douglas Baya

• The comeback comes about a year after Douglas Baya and Ardent Leeda took a short break from radio

• Prior to Chill Na Dee’s short hiatus, the diligent hosts had garnered a throng of fans who never missed the show

Celebrated radio hosts Douglas Baya and Ardent Leeda have given music lovers and radio enthusiasts all the reasons to look forward to their weekends with the return of their viral show, Chill Na Dee.

The two multi-talented media personalities have announced the return of their show on Tonzi Radio after a year-long hiatus.

News about the return of Chill Na Dee on Tonzi Radio was first made public by Douglas Baya through his official social media pages.

Douglas Baya confirmed Chill Na Dee will make a return on Tonzi Radio soon. Photo: Tonzi Radio/Facebook.

Taking to his verified Facebook page, Douglas Baya shared a poster for their show as he warmed up their fans for a memorable on air experience.

“We are about to disrupt the airwaves with good vibes and Inshallah. Eyoooo! My brother Ardent Leeda are you ready turudishe Mbaruk Mwalimu and Billy Miya ushago? Keep it here for more details. Cc: TONZI RADIO Wandiga Kalambwada,” Douglas Baya captioned.

The announcement excited thousands of Baya and Leeda’s fans who had greatly missed their voices on radio.

Before their unexpected break, Douglas Baya and Ardent Leeda had gathered an entire legion of fans who could not miss their viral show, Chill Na Dee which used to air on Tonzi Radio every Saturday.

Douglas Baya alias Mr Xclusives did not disclose the exact day Chill Na Dee will make a comeback but assured fans it will be sooner than expected.

Chill Na Dee is a contemporary entertainment radio show that gives listeners the chance to know more about their favourite celebrities, through unbiased exclusive interviews.

The show also plugs music lovers to new East African songs, specifically Kenyan music.

Tonzi Radio is a Kenyan-based online radio station which is heavy on promoting Kenyan music, artistes and other creatives keen on progressing their crafts.

Over the past few years, Tonzi Radio, owned by Isaiah Wandiga aka Kalambwanda has curved a niche for itself as East Africa’s number one online radio station that promotes over 90% of local music and acts.

Chill Na Dee had taken a short break. Photo: Tonzi Radio/Facebook.

The radio station prides itself in a number of well-to-do radio presenters and deejays who are respected internationally.

It should be noted that Tonzi Radio has hired a host of world-acclaimed talents, with some broadcasting live from the United States Of America and other parts of the globe.

Keep it YEIYO.com for more details on the dates for the official relaunch of Chill Na Dee, hosted by Douglas Baya aka Mr X alongside Ardent Leeda alias Director 001.


Opinion: How fatuous content creators brought the 15% witholding tax on selves


• Eric Omondi and other content creators have strongly been opposing the 15% withholding tax

• Kenyan content creators insist that the tax proposal is aimed at making creatives even more poorer

• Many Kenyan content creators have been flaunting their wealth and flashy lifestyles, a clear indication they have been raking in millions

The Kenyan government recently introduced the finance bill of 2023 which contains a raft of proposals aimed at expandind the country’s tax bracket.

One of the most controversial proposals is actually aimed at subjecting income earned through digital content monetization to a 15 percent withholding tax, something that has not settled down well with a multitude of local content creators.

Leading a group of Kenyan content creators to shun the proposal, Eric Omondi has strongly been opposing it, holding that it is aimed at making creatives even more poorer.

Content creators have been fighting the government’s 15% withholding tax on their revenues. Photo: Courtesy.

The content creators received massive support from economists who have also been fighting the 15% withholding tax imposed on their revenue from different online business engagemens.

Countless economists insist that if approved, the proposal will have major effects on the income earned by individual content creators and the growth of the entire digital economy.

“One of the irony in this digital service tax is holding of 15% on it and remember this is just a withholding tax. Withholding tax is not final so again the digital content creators will be expected to do their books at the end of the year to show how much they earned. In other words after you have paid 15% , you will still be expected to pay what we call a final tax”, explained economist Eric Odera.

Well, while many people have been making noise over the same, quite a number including yours truly believe Kenyan content creators and celebrities dug their own graves, knowingly or unknowingly.

Local content creators have been showing off their flashy lifestyles online. Photo: UGC.

Operating in the entertainment industry, most content creators caved in to the temptation of pulling publicity stunts aimed at progressing their brands.

Many would flaunt wads of notes, others their expensive rides and houses while a section, the flashy lifestyles they have been “enjoying”.

Going by their countless posts on social media, it became apparent that they have been raking in millions of shillings, subject to tax by the government.

In government eyes, the content creators have been making a lot of money and will not feel a pinch with the introduction of the 15% withholding tax.

The aforementioned was even brought closer home by Lang’ata MP Jalang’o who recently shared with Kenyans on why the government believes content creators should be taxed.

Jalang’o said defending content creators in Parliament is an uphill task. Photo: UGC.

The politician claimed it was an uphill task for him and others to defend content creators since they have severally confirmed they are moneyed.

He insisted that the government will not relent with the intended move.

Jalas, however, advised content creators to come up with a counter proposal, through which they can state the percentage they feel the government should get from their revenue.

Following the heated debate that came hot on the heels of the introduction of the 15% withholding tax proposal, various content creators have been coming out to take back their flaunting sprees and statements as they insisted all they have been doing was just Publicity Stunts and that they are truly not making a lot of money as many people believe.

Eric Omondi buys lover KSh 2.5 million car as push gift


• Eric Omondi splashed a whopping KSh 2.5 million on his lover’s new ride

• According to Eric’s lover Lynne, the Mazda CX-5 is her push gift

• Eric and Lynn recently made it public that they are expecting a child together

Controversial Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has flexed his financial muscle by spending too dollar to get the love of his life, Lynne a “Push Gift”, prior to her much anticipated delivery.

YEIYO.com has learnt the President of African comedy recently gifted his expectant lover, Lynne a brand new car to appreciate her for getting pregnant for him and possibly pushing harder to welcome their unborn baby into the world.

News about the car gift from Eric Omondi to his lover Lynne was first made public by the former in an Instagram post seen by YEIYO.com.

Eric Omondi bought his lover a KSh 2.5 million as a push gift. Photo: Eric Omondi/Instagram.

Taking to her official Instagram page on Sunday, June 11, the expectant mother posted two photos of herself standing next to her brand new Black Mazda CX-5, followed by a short thanksgiving caption dedicated to Eric Omondi.

“Standing next to my push present,” Lynne captioned her photos.

Following her announcement, her fans and Kenyans in general camped on the comments section of her IG post to congratulate her.

Some used the opportunity to wish her well even as she looks forward to welcome a new soul into this ‘cruel’ world, lol.

Lynne flaunting her brand new ride from lover Eric Omondi. Photo: L.Y.N.N.E/Instagram.

YEIYO.com understands a brand new Mazda CX-5 similar to Lynne’s goes for about KSh 2.5 million, meaning Eric Omondi must really love the mother of his upcoming child dearly.

The latest development comes barely six months after both Eric Omondi and Lynne disclosed to fans that they are expecting a baby together.

At first, Kenyans thought the expectancy was one of Eric Omondi’s many publicity stunts but the couple have been proving naysayers wrong with their consistent statements over the same on their respective social media platforms.

Kennedy Rapudo borrows KSh 8 million to sustain Amber Ray


• Twitter noisemaker Maverick Aoko claimed Kennedy Rapudo recently borrowed KSh 8 million to sustain Amber Ray

• Amber Ray and were recently blessed with a bouncing baby girl

• The socialite had disclosed she spends over KSh 300,000 per day

Internationally-acclaimed rapper Khaligraph Jones, through his song Hao, made it categorically clear that being a celebrity in Kenya is an uphill task.

This has been evident through the lifestyles of many local celebrities who have had to deal with a lot of issues, including scandals and controversies.

The latest public figure to feel the heat is social Amber Ray’s fiance, flamboyant businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber Ray and Rapudo welcomed a bouncing baby girl recently. Photo: UGC.

The businessman, whose source of income has been a mystery for some time now is said to have been struggling to keep up with Amber Ray’s expensive lifestyle.

The businessman was recently forced to borrow a KSh 8 million loan from a friend just to maintain his baby mama’s rich lifestyle, it is alleged.

The allegations were first made public by mouthy social media commentator Maveric Aoko through her Twitter account on Friday, June 9.

In a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Aoko alleged that Rapudo has been going through a hard time trying to cope with Amber Ray’s celebrity lifestyle.

It is alleged Rapudo recently borrowed KSh 8 million to afford Amber Ray’s lifestyle. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Aoko, Amber should just have stuck by Jimal Roho Safi or Zaheer who are genuinely rich instead of rushing to Kennedy Rapudo who is not as rich as he seems.

“Amber Ray’s husband… Rapudo has no shiet. Juzi ameomba 8M from a close friend. Angebaki tu na Jamal or that wash wash Kisii MP. Na si atulize kundu kwanza anyonyeshe…” Aoko tweeted.

Mavericks made the claims through her Twitter page. Photo: Maverick Aoko/Twitter.

It is not yet clear if Aoko’s claims are legit or just rumours but judging by his recent exposés, the former could be true.

YEIYO.com tried to reach out to Rapudo for his side of the story but our calls went unanswered.

It should be noted that Rapudo and Amber were recently blessed with a bouncing baby girl.

Following the birth of their daughter, the two have been serving parenting goals on social media as they share every moment of their parenthood online.

Jaysoul’s manager Kayfar, wife survive grisly road accident along Thika Road


Kayfar was traveling with his wife and their two friends’ when their car was hit from behind

• The accident occurred around Withethie along Thika Road on Saturday, June 10 at around 7.00 PM

• No one suffered serious injuries

Watanashati Classic CEO Kayfar Mtanashati and his wife are counting their blessings and thanking God after escaping death by a whisker.

YEIYO.com has learnt Kayfay, who is Jaysoul’s manager and his wife survived a grisly road accident on Saturday, June 10, at around 7.00 PM.

Information reaching YEIYO.com newsdesk intimate that the accident occurred at Withethie, along the ever busy Thika Road.

Kayfar recently launched Watanashati Home Of Talents. Photo: Kayfar Mtanashati/Facebook.

Speaking in an exclusive phone interview with YEIYO.com, Kayfar disclosed that they were involved in the accident while on their way to Meru, where Watanashati Classic headquarters is located.

Kayfar and his wife were travelling with two other friends in their car.

The good news is that no one suffered serious injuries following the Saturday night accident.

The talents manager disclosed that their car was hit from behind by an overspending vehicle but thanked God for saving them.

“I am shaken but I thank God no one was injured seriously. I was with my wife and two friends in the car when the accident occurred. We were hit from behind at Withethie along Thika Road. Our car has been towed to Thika Police station,” Kayfar told this writer.

The accident occurred barely three months after Kayfar got his brand new car.

Jaysoul recently bought his manager Kayfar a brand new ride. Photo: Kayfar Mtanashati/Facebook.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Kayfar was gifted a brand new car by his artiste Jaysoul as an appreciation gift for running and managing his brand well.

However, the car did not live long to experience a full year as it got involved in an accident, putting Kayfar, his wife and their two friends’ lives.

Well, we thank God no one lost their lives or suffered serious injuries during the accident.

Peter Salasya Attacked For Insulting Kenyans Online


• Peter Salasya went ham on Kenyans online after one of his old friends exposed him for defaulting on a sacco loan

• The youthful legislator responded to the allegations by insulting Kenyans on Twitter

Politicians world over, especially in Kenya are usually refered to as Honourables.

This is because the public hold them in high regards and expect honourable behaviours from them.

However, a big number of Kenyans politicians have in the recent past confirmed to citizens that they do not deserve the “Honourable” tittle owing to their countless backward manners.

MP Peter Salasya had been accused of defaulting a KSh 165,000 loan from a sacco. Photo: Tuko.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya is not an exception, YEIYO.com has learnt.

The youthful legislator on Wednesday, September 20, embarrassed himself after taking to social media to fight with netizens after he was exposed by one of his old friends of defaulting on a sacco loan.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, one Polycarp Nyonje accused Salasya of defaulting on a loan of KSh 165,000, a move that got the sacco on his case.

MP Peter Salasya’s dishonourable acts were made public by activist Boniface Mwangi who shared Polycarp Nyonje’s plight on Twitter.

Well, being a lose mouthed politician, Peter Salasya hit back at Boniface Mwangi, Polycarp Nyonje and other tweeps who called him out for “scamming” his friends and the sacco.

Many netizens had called out Peter Salasya urging him to pay up his loan and whatever he owes his friends who took the role of his guarantors during the loan application process.

A seemingly drunk and agitated Salasya responded by posting a series of videos on Twitter trying to explain the whole situation, albeit rudely.

The politician could not tame his tongue as he took on Kenyans on Twitter(X) with string of insults.

MP Peter Salasya was so rude that he irked almost everyone on the micro-blogging platform.

Read some insults from Peter Salasya and comments from Kenyans below:

The politician threw a multitude aback after opening a barrage of unprintable insults on anyone and everyone who asked him to pay up his debt.

Some of the insults he threw are so embarrassing that YEIYO.com cannot share publicly.

MP Peter Salasya’s juvenile behaviour rubbed many netizens, including his Mumias East constituents the wrong way.

Being a vicious group, Kenyans on Twitter(X) used him to mop the floor and saw him trend for the better part of Wednesday evening and Thursday.

Lillian Muli’s Male Fans Disappointed as she Confirms Engagement


• Lilian Muli said she is a grown woman who cannot be single at her age

• The TV girl did not disclose the name of his lover but confirmed she has been engaged

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli has disappointed most of not all her male fans after disclosing that she is in a very serious romantic relationship with the love of her life.

Lilian Muli recently confirmed she is taken and even went ahead to drop hints that she is already engaged, only awaiting her White wedding.

Lilian Muli confirmed she is in a serious relationship. Photo: Courtesy.

Speaking during a phone interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, the mother of two confirmed she is happy in her romantic relationship although she did not reveal the name of the lucky man despite Ankali Ray’s tireless prodding.

“Which type of question is that? I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but, of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken,” Lilian Muli revealed.

Ankali Ray wanted to get the name of Lilian Muli’s fiancee and kept throwing guesses on who her man is to which the TV girl shut down and denied all the men who were mentioned, including comedian Dr Ofweneke and DJ Delight, explaining that they are her friend and brother, respectively.

Lillian Muli with one of her baby daddies Jared Nevaton. Photo: UGC.

Lilian Muli remained tight-lipped when she was asked to reveal her wedding date and when she will finally introduce her man to the public.

“I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but, of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken.” She added.

Well, the lass may have refused to share details about her man but quite a number of netizens concluded her soon to be hubby is most likely, Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nevaton.

It should be noted Lilian Muli and Jared Nevaton have been dating for a couple of years now and together have a child.

Prior to her union with the Shabana FC boss, Lilian Muli was in a romantic relationship with the father of her son, Mr Kanene.

Karibu Aniue: Mtumba Man Seeks Help after Surviving Domestic Violence


• Mtumba Man disclosed that his girlfriend has been beating him up and even turned his house upside down

• The online sensation said he was afraid of coming out to share his tribulations because of how society judge men beaten by their women

It is not everyday that men come out to share about the suffering they have been going through in the hands of their wives and girlfriends.

Many men would rather die than disclosing how their better halves have been beating them Blue and Black.

However, there are some who usually come out and share the tribulations with the world all in a bid to help fellow men dealing with the same challenge.

Mtumba Man disclosed he has been suffering domestic violence in silence. Photo: Mtumba Man/Instagram.

Social media sensation Mtumba Man has joined the short list of men who have publicly opened up about receiving terribly beatings from their wives and lovers.

Mtumba Man on Thursday, September 21, revealed how he has been tolerating beatings from his girlfriend for some time now.

These, the online sensation disclosed after meeting with Oga Obinna who has been on the forefront in rescuing men from abusive marriages and relationships.

Taking to his Instagram page, Mtumba Man posted a video of himself spending time with Oga Obinna as he thanked him for coming to his rescue.

Mtumba Man also showed scars he acquired from the many fights he had with his violent girlfriend.

Through his caption, Mtumba Man stated that he has been dealing with a violent girlfriend who has been beating him up and even destroying things in his house.

According to Mtumba Man, he was hesitant to come out with the story since the society usually judge men beaten by their women harshly.

He, however, noted that he finally decided to share his tribulations with the world before he is found dead.

” At first it was so hard to talk about kupigwa na girlfriend because of my society, name, brand and fear of the outcome until I realised that nobody will know what happened when am gone. You’ll know he’s a brother when he spends the whole day with you no matter the meetings, family na all that he was to do today. Baada ya kisu, kucha, meno na uharibifu wa vitu vya nyumba, this nigga Oga Obinna is always there for me. Bro God bless you. He pulled up with a lot of energy and time. Si am blessed having such people around me.” Mtumba Man wrote.

His revelation left hundred of his followers with mixed reactions.

A multitude of Mtumba Man’s fans felt bad for him and duly hit the comments section of his post to encourage him.

Others, however, felt he was too weak to even be beaten by his girlfriend.

But a majority of his followers, advised him to never stay in a violent relationship and that he should walk at the first sight of violence from the other party.

MP Peter Salasya Exposed after Defaulting KSh 165k Sacco Loan


• Peter Salasya took a loan of KSh 165,000 from a Sacco when he was still working at the Diamond Trust Bank, Kakamega branch

• MP Peter Salasya immediately defaulted in his repayment, a move that forced the Sacco to go for the guarantors

A Kenyan man has come out to show Kenyans that Mumias East MP Peter Salasya is not a good person as he purports to be.

The man, who goes by Polycarp Nyonje recently exposed MP Peter Salasya for defaulting on a Sacco he had taken part in as a guarantor alongside two other individuals.

A man called Polycarp exposed Peter Salasya for defaulting on a Sacco loan. Photo: Peter Salasya/Facebook.

According to Polycarp Nyonje, Peter Salasya took a loan of KSh 165,000 from a Sacco when he was still working at the Diamond Trust Bank, Kakamega branch.

Polycarp and two other members of the Sacco played the role of guarantors in the transaction.

However, MP Peter Salasya immediately defaulted in his repayment, a move that forced the Sacco to go for the guarantors.

Polycarp who publicised the issue with the help of activist Boniface Mwangi disclosed that their hard-earned savings amounting to KSh 40,000 was debited by the Sacco, something that dealt their borrowing power a major blow.

Polycarp revealed that efforts to get Peter Salasya to pay up the KSh 40,000 have been futile with the MP giving them stories day in day out.

“I’m Polycarp Nyonje from Kakamega and l want to expose Mumias East Constituency MP, Hon. Peter Salasya. In 2017, Hon @P_Salasya took a Sacco loan of Ksh 165,000 while he was working with Diamond Trust Bank, Kakamega Branch. I acted as his guarantor, together with two other members. He immediately defaulted on the loan and each time we spoke in person, or on the phone, he kept on promising that he would repay it. He continued to promise us that he would repay, right up to the time he became a member of parliament. I approached the National Assembly @NAssemblyKE and the office of the Ombudsman @KenyasOmbudsman but didn’t get any help from either. I have tried engaging Salasya on social media platforms but he never responds. Our hard-earned savings were debited to the tune of Ksh40,821. This affected our borrowing power in the Sacco. When I try to reach him nowadays, he doesn’t respond to my calls, or even texts. I also approached his party, DAP-Kenya Party but they didn’t assist us.” Polycarp told Boniface Mwangi via his DM.

The fearless human rights activist shared Polycarp’s plea on his Twitter page and for the first time in ages, Peter Salasya responded.

In a quick rejoinder, Peter Salasya while responding to both Polycarp and Boniface Mwangi through Twitter agreed to pay up the KSh 40,821 he owes his three guarantors.

“@bonifacemwangi hehe 🤣🤣 let me assume niko na deni nao but pia they have my shares equivalent to the amount anyway thanks so much for marketing me that am also learned and a banker🤣.Its a win win for me and thanks for trending me on twitter. Ambia akuje ofisi nimpe 40K zake,” Peter Salasya tweeted.

News about Peter Salasya’s failure to repay monies he owes people did not settle down well with a throng of Kenyans on Twitter (X).

Many netizens dragged Salasya on social media, specifically Twitter with a multitude calling him out for pulling such an embarrassing move, considering his social status.

Singer Ricc Berry Finally Introduces the Love of his Life to Fans


• Ricc Berry posted a lovely photo of his beautiful lover on his social media pages and even WhatsApp status update in a move that excited his fans

• The musician’s fans gushed over his cute bae with many asking him to announce their wedding date

Most if not all public figures are very private people behind the scenes.

Quite a number enjoy the joy that comes with experiencing calm and privacy especially when they are not in studios, performance stages and tours.

A significant number of celebrities would rather take a bullet than giving the public free access to their loved ones.

Ricc Berry posted a photo of his lover on his social media pages and even on his WhatsApp status update. Photo: Ricc Berry/Facebook.

However, some do not mind and once in a while they would introduce their loved ones to their fans through social media, gladly and willingly.

Eldoret-based musician Ricc Berry recently bit the bait and gave his fans a rare glimpse of his better half.

On Tuesday, September 19, Ricc Berry gave his fans and followers a rare treat after posting a lovely photo of his beautiful lover on his social media pages and even WhatsApp status update.

The Pishori hitmaker could not hide his affection towards his curvy lover as he expressed his love for her with a lovely caption.

Ricc Berry’s fans congratulated him for bagging such a hot babe. Photo: Ricc Berry.

“Mparmanent❤️” Wrote Ricc Berry.

Ricc Status update caught the attention of his fans and followers who flooded his DM with endless congratulatory messages.

Excited Fans

The musician’s fans gushed over his cute bae with many asking him to announce their wedding date.

It is imparative to note that Ricc Berry is one of the most popular musicians from Eldoret and has been taking the country by storm with his hit songs.

Ricc Berry’s fans wanted to know when he will be walking down the isle with the love of his life. Photo: Kijiji Photography.

Apart from dropping hits after hits, Ricc Berry has been on the forefront in shaping the face of the entertainment industry in Eldoret.

He’s not only been calling out promoters who have been tormenting Eldoret artistes but also blasting colleagues who seem to be lacking.

Man with Tattoo of DP Gachagua’s Face on his Chest Bashed Mercilessly


• The man showed his love for Rigathi Gachagua by stamping the right side of his chest with DP’s face while the latter’s full name covered the left side of his chest

• Photos of the yet to be identified man went viral on social media and sparked mixed reactions with quite a number of Kenyans mopping the floor with him

Football, religion, music and politics have one thing in common; Cultic following.

This has been proven countless of times by the number of people who go to extreme lengths and do crazy things just but to express their love, affection and loyalty towards the aforementioned groups.

Rigathi Gachagua’s fan honoured him with a tattoo. Photo: Standard.

A random Kenyan man recently confirmed the same after sacrificing his chest for a portrait and the name of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

The grown man whose identity is still a mystery hit the tattoo parlour and paid the tattoo artiste to ink his chest with a clear portrait and the name of Kenya’s Deputy President “Riggy G”.

A die-hard fan of Rigathi Gachagua the man is that he covered the right side of his chest with Gachagua’s face while the latter’s full name covered the left side of his chest.

Photos of the yet to be identified man went viral on social media and sparked mixed reactions with quite a number of Kenyans mopping the floor with him.

A majority of social media users called out the man as they wondered why he was “ruining” his body because of a politician who does not care about him and other millions of Kenyans.

The die-hard Rigathi Gachagua’s fan tattood the DP’s face and name on his chest. Photo: Courtesy.

Some even went as far as accusing him of being gay and used the stunt to attract the attention of his crush (Gachagua).

Many Kenyans on social media held only ladies are allowed to tattoo their bodies with images and names of men they love and crush on.

Others, however, defended the young man and insisted that he has a right to do whatever he wishes with his body.

His defenders reiterated that there was no harm in a man showing appreciation to a fellow man.

Many noted that nobody knows how Gachagua touched the young man’s life hence his shocking move.

Oga Obinna Challenges Andrew Kibe to a Fist Fight Following Longtime Beef


• Oga Obinna said Andrew Kibe should face him in a ring if he is indeed a real man

• The former Kiss 100 presenter noted that the date for their fight will be announced once Kind accepts his challenge

Former Kiss 100 radio presenter Oga Obinna has decided to put an end to his long time rivalry with Mr Lambistic, otherwise known as Andrew.

Oga Obinna who has not been seeing Andrew Kibe eye to eye has challenged the content creator for a fist fight so that they can square out their differences and accord each other the much-needed respect they deserve.

Oga Obinna dared Andrew Kibe to a fist fight. Photo: Tuko.

The comedian, through his Instagram account posted a poster of a boxing match between Kibe and himself and dared the former to accept the fist fight challenge if he is indeed a real man.

According to Oga Obinna, fighting each other as real men is the only way to squash the beef.

Oga Obinna claimed that real men fight and don’t bicker around.

The poster shared by Oga Obinna indicated that he is ready to hit the ring against Kibe, should he accept his challenge.

Obinna noted that the date for the mother of all bouts will be announced when Andrew Kibe accepts the challenge.


The comedian’s daring request excited a multitude of his fans who rallied behind him, holding that it was about time someone teaches Andrew Kind a valuable lesson.

It should be noted Oga Obinna and Andrew Kibe have been beefing for some time now.

Andrew Kibe and Oga Obinna have been beefing for some time now. Photo: UGC.

Kibe, in his usual demeanor has been lashing out his whips on Oga Obinna during countless of his YouTube shows.

Obinna on the other hand, has always rubished Kibe and his attacks and at times even going ham on him with unprintable insults.

Andrew Kibe had not yet responded to Oga Obinna’s request, rather challenge for a fist fight as at the time of publishing this report.

Kate Actress and Phil Karanja End Their Marriage


• Phil Karanja and Kate Actress confirmed the end of their marriage with a joint public statement

• The two disclosed they have parted ways but remain friends, business partners and co-parents

Former Tahidi High actor Phillip Karanja and his wife Kate Actress have officially ended their marriage.

The celebrity couple confirmed the end of their one-time prosperous marriage through their respective social media pages on Tuesday, September 19.

Phillip Karanja and Kate Actress both shared a short but precise joint public statement to announce their separation.

Kate Actress and Phil confirmed the end of their marriage with a joint statement. Photo: UGC.

According to the joint statement, the couple had come to the conclusion to end their marriage which actually happened a couple of months ago but made it public just recently.

Phil and Kate urged the public to accord them all the privacy they need even as they try to raise their two children, albeit separately.

The two confirmed they have been separated for quite some time now and have just been co-parenting.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children,” the joint statement read.

Kate Actress and Phil asked the public to allow them some privacy for the sake of their two kids. Photo: Kate Actress/Instagram.

Both Phil and Kate broke the sad news through their respective Insta-stories updates.

To add on the joint statement, Kate Actress went on to disclose that their breakup was never a secret, only that they kept it private.

“Was never a secret, we just kept it private. To all our dear fans, Asanteni Sana for the support over the years,” Kate wrote on her Insta-stories.

Kate Actress said their breakup was never a secret. Photo: Kate Actress/Instagram.

Phil on his side wrapped up by assuring their fans and followers that they are still friends, business partners and co-parents to their son and daughter.

“Hii ni mambo ya watu wawili, but allow us to add you to the group chat kidogo, so we can proceed with our lives bila story mob. Kate Actress and I remain as Friends, Co-parents and Business Partners.” Phil wrote.

Phil disclosed he is still friends with Kate Actress. Photo: Phil Director/Instagram.

Phil and Kate’s confirmation on the dissolution of their marriage comes just a few months after it was reported their marriage was on the rocks.

News of their breakup was sparked by the couple themselves when they deleted photos of each other on their social media pages.

The two, however, somewhat shut down the breakup rumours by sharing videos and photos of themselves looking all loved up together, days after news of their separation.

Well, with their own public joint statement confirming the worst, it is now clear that indeed Phil and the former Mother-in-law actress Kate are no longer an item.

Wacha Umama: Gloves Off as Sakaja and Sonko Trade Blows Online Over Free School Feeding Program


• Johnson Sakaja exposed some politicians who have been holding meetings aimed at sabotaging his free school feeding program

• Mike Sonko blasted Sakaja and asked him to let Nairobians meet wherever and whenever they want to for tea and other issues

Kenyans on Twitter were on Monday, September 18, treated to an exciting war of words between Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and his predecessor Mike Sonko.

The fierce exchange between the two politicians was sparked by Sakaja who had taken to Twitter to call out people who have been burning the midnight oil to see his free school a program fails.

Mike Sonko went ham on Sakaja for exposing people who are allegedly meeting to sabotage his free school feeding program. Photo: Courtesy.

The youthful Governor took to Twitter and posted photos of cars allegedly belonging to his enemies parked outside a Nairobi-based hotel and disclosed there was a meeting specifically organised to discuss how they will jeopardise the feeding program.

Feareless Johnson Sakaja even went ahead to mention names of some of the people present at the “anti-free school feeding program” meeting.

The Governor blasted the attendees of the meeting as he urged them to desist from their ill plot and let Nairobi students enjoy the free school feeding program.

“Meeting at Asmara planning to harm children in the school feeding program. Babu, Tim, Lydia Kwamboka, Josephine Kithu, Tom Tinega.. leave the children out of this. I’ll face you in 2027. Don’t poison children for your political goals. And you can’t, it’s their parents cooking. Or now if you’d like. Nyalenda and Bungoma express. Lazima iWork.” Sakaja tweeted.

In a quick rejoinder, Mike Sonko jumped on the comments section and bashed Sakaja on end.

Sonko, in his usual demeanor told off Sakaja, holding that Nairobians, including elected leaders have the right to meet at any location for tea and other businesses.

While Sonko was on the right with his response, it was his mild insults that got netizens cracking.

“Wewe Sasa wacha umama. Kwani watu hii Nairobi hawawezi kukutana kukunywa chai?” Mike Sonko shot.

Mike Sonko asked Sakaja to let people meet their friends over tea. Photo: Mike Sonko/Twitter.

Quite a number of Kenyans on Twitter (X) could not help but support Sonko’s argument, holding that Kenya, specifically Nairobi is a free space where anyone can meet with friends for different sorts of meetings.

While some people backed Sonko up, a section of tweeps called him out for using foul language.

A multitude mauled him for being disrepectful, considering his vulgarity.

Singer Jovial Off the Market as New Lover Proposes to her with Glittering Engagement Ring


• Jovial posted a video of herself showing off her engagement ring on her Insta-stories updates

• Her engagement came as a surprise to most of her male fans since the singer has been secretive about her private life

Sensational songstress Jovial has broken the hearts of many Kenyan men after publicly announcing her engagement to her new man ‘Romeo’.

YEIYO.com has learnt Jovial is officially off the market after receiving an engagement ring from her rarely-seen new man identified as Romeo.

News about Jovial’s engagement was first made public by the singer herself through an Insta-stories update seen by this writer.

Jovial announced her engagement through Instagram. Photo: Jovial/Instagram.

The Pita Nawe hitmaker on Sunday, September 17, posted a video of herself showing off her engagement ring on her Insta-stories updates.

The mother of one could not contain her excitement as she professed her undying love for her man through the caption that accompanied her short video.

“Looks nice on me babe Romeo. I love you too much,” wrote Jovial.

News of Jovial’s engagement caught many of her fans by surprise since she has always kept her private life under wraps.

It should be noted that Jovial had also disclosed that she will never publicise her romantic relationships online.

Jovial posted a video of herself showing off her engagement ring on her Insta-stories updates. Photo: Jovial/Instagram.
Jovial’s fiancee Romeo showed off the engagement ring on Instagram moments before going down on one knee. Photo: Romeo/Instagram.

Well, news of the engagement impressed and excited a horde of Jovial’s fans, apart from men who have been lusting over her on end.

Countless men who took to different social media platforms to talk about the engagement expressed their disappointments with quite a number crying foul for being overtaken by Mr Romeo.

A cross section of Jovial’s male fans threatened to unfollow her and even ignore her music following her engagement.

Judging by several posts seen by YEIYO.com on social media, it is clear Jovial broke the hearts of many men with the latest development in her life.

Jovial’s male fans expressed their disappointments following her engagement. Photo: Jovial/Instagram.

Prior to Jovial’s engagement, some netizens had picked issue with her, holding that she had ignored their love for his former boss Otile Brown’s.

However, both Otile Brown and Jovial shut down claims that they were an item during the time the latter was signed under the former’s record label, Just In Love.