Big win for Grip Music N Pictures after bagging 6 nominations in 2023 Swahili International Film Festival


โ€ข Grip Music N Pictures Limited’s productions Batuli, Gundu, Penzi Butu have been nominated in the Swahili Feature Film category

โ€ข Other films from Grip Music N Pictures Limited that have been nominated in the Short films category are Pendo and Rafiki Nyoka

โ€ข Marsh Mashavu’s short film Katambe has been nominated in the music category

The Kenyan film industry has in the recent past been growing in leaps and bounds, inching closer to taking over the world film arena including Hollywood.

This has been made possible by the number of major impressive moves made by different players in the much-competitive field.

The latest film production house to put Kenya on the map is none other than Grip Music N Pictures Limited which recently bagged several nomination in the 2023 Swahili International Film Festival(SIFF).

Steve Kipande is the force behind Batuli, Gundu and Penzi Butu. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook. has learnt the crew from Grip Music N Pictures Limited are in celebratory moods after six of their feature films landed nominations in the 2023 SIFF.

News about the impressive nominations was first made public by Grip Music N Pictures Limited CEO and producer Steve Kipande through a series of social media posts on his pages.

Feature films Batuli, Gundu, Penzi Butu and two other short films Pendo and Rafiki Nyoka are some of the Kenyan productions from Grip Music N Pictures Limited that have been nominated in the Feature Films and Short Films Categories respectively and will be battling it out with other films from other countries across Africa.

Katambe, a feature film by Steve Kipande’s musician son Marsh Mashavu also landed a nomination in the music feature category.

Grip Music N Pictures CEO Steve Kipande took to social media to plead with Kenyans to vote for the six films nominated in the SIFF.

“Hello I hope this finds you well 3 of our feature films are nominated in 2023 SWAHILI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALS- Gundu, Batuli and Penzi Butu ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ we cant do it without you,” Kipande wrote on Facebook.

His post impressed and inspired many Kenyans who not only lauded him for the international-standard productions but also promised to vote for them and bring the titles back home.

Grip Music N Pictures Limited is an all-round production house that deals with film, music audio and video production, customised merchandise, PVC productions, talents management just to mention but a few.

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