• Benachi revealed he met his wife for the first time while in the US for Talanta Awards and a six to nine months music tour

• The Mwanake hitmaker had earlier refuted claims that he is with his US-based Kenyan wife for her money

Celebrated Kenyan gospel musician Benachi has for the first time revealed how he ended up with his US-based Kenyan wife, Mrs Benachi.

The Mwanake hitmaker disclosed that he would not have landed the mother of his two children if it was not for an invite from Talanta Awards.

Speaking during an interview on Radio 47’s show Base 47, Benachi said he had flown to the US for the Talanta Awards gala where he first met with his wife.

Benachi met his wife while in the US for Talanta Awards. Photo: Mrs Benachi/Instagram.

According to Benachi, he traveled to the US for the Talanta Awards and a six to nine months music tour.

Benachi noted that he could not waste his time when he landed his eyes on his wife while in the US for the awards gala and his tour.

Being a real Kenyan man, Benachi did what he had to do and as they say, the rest is history.

“You know Talanta Awards gave me a wife. I had gone to America for the awards gala and I was also supposed to do a six to nine months music tour in some states. While there, I met my wife and to be honest, I told myself, ‘I don’t want to go back to Kenya’. Had to woo her and before we all knew it, we were together,” Benachi said.

This, Benachi was forced to disclose following claims that he went for the US-based Kenyan lady so that he can depend on her financially.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, critics had earlier claimed Benachi is with his wife because of her money.

While defending his reputation through a separate interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube show, Benachi made it clear that he does not depend on his wife financially since he operates a number of successful businesses in the US.

Benachi admitted that indeed his wife supports him and vice versa but he does not solely rely on her financially.

According to Benachi, he has been engaged in a number of business ventures such as a car rental company, a health agency and VIP transportation services, which contribute majorly to his family’s livelihood in the US.

Benachi recently refuted claims that he is with his wife for her money. Photo: Mrs Benachi/Instagram.

“I work with a health agency. I also have a VIP transportation. I got a car rental company too. So we run three businesses. That is basically what I do. But wasee wakiona wanaanza kusema Benachi ameekwa. Hapana tumewekana,” Benachi disclosed.

He wrapped up by reiterating that his success in the US is as a result of strategic planning and his industrious efforts.

Benachi and his wife have been leading a successful life in the US with their son and daughter.

The musician has severally confirmed the aforementioned with various posts of his expensive rides and fancy home.

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