• Bahati posted a photo of his portrait next to a coffin to paint a picture of his funeral on social media

• His fans condemned him for stooping too low with his latest publicity stunt

Kenyan musician Bahati has for the umpteenth time gotten himself on the wrong side with a cross section of his fans.

The Mama hitmaker on Sunday, September 3, shocked millions of Kenyans after posting a photo of a coffin next to his portrait, followed by a very confusing caption.

Bahati’s fans were not pleased by his latest social media post. Photo: Diana Marua/Instagram.

Taking to his social media pages, the father of four plastered the controversial photo of his “alleged” funeral, followed by the caption;


Thousands of Bahati’s fans and followers who bumped into the photo online concluded he was warming up Kenyans for his upcoming song but vehemently condemned him for using a controversial way to attract attention.

The comments section of Bahati’s Instagram post was filled with harsh sentiments from his fans and other Kenyans who trolled him on end for stooping too low with his latest publicity stunt.

Many insisted that indeed he is addicted to clout chasing but he should have used another angle than the coffin and portrait photo post.

The latest development unfolded barely days after Bahati and his wife Diana Marua were faced with negativity from their haters who tried to insinuate all of the former’s children are not biologically his.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, some random haters photoshopped Bahati and Diana’s family photo with their children and attached images of other men they claimed are the real parents of the couple’s babies.

Bahati is known for his many antics aimed at chasing clout. Photo: Courtesy.

Well, for the first time in ages, Kenyans rallied behind the Bahatis and condemned their attackers for dragging their children into their scuffle.

Quite a number insisted that Kenyans can mail Bahati and Diana however much they want but should keep off their children since they are innocent.

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