• Bahati advised his friend KRG The Don to keep his hands to himself whenever he hangs out with other people’s wives and girlfriends

• Just recently, KRG The Don was captured on camera dancing with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua suggestively during their hang out at Casavera Lounge

Mama hitmaker Kevin Kioko, known to many as Bahati has thrown low blows at Dancehall artiste KRG The Don for his lack of manners.

Bahati, on Friday, September 15, picked a bone to chew with KRG The Don following his indecent behaviour during their recent hang out at the Casavera Lounge.

Taking to his official social media pages, Bahati called out KRG The Don for touching his wife Diana Marua inappropriately as they burnt the night away a couple of days ago.

Bahati advised KRG The Don to keep his hands to himself whenever he hangs out with his friends’ wives and girlfriends. Photo: Bahati Kenya/Instagram.

The former gospel musician who is currently riding high with his new song Huyu, posted a photo of himself standing in between Gukena FM presenter Jimmie Kajim and his wife Wambui Kajim and took a minute to educate KRG The Don on how a man should behave in the presence of his friends’ wives and girlfriends.

On the picture, Bahati respectfully kept his hands to himself as he posed for a photo session with the popular social media couple.

Bahati, through his caption thanked the couple for starring on his new music video Huyu and went on to throw jabs at KRG The Don who had previously been captured on camera touching Diana Marua, who is Bahati’s wife inappropriately.

The Machozi star blatantly accused KRG The Don of having his hands all over his wife Diana Marua during their Casavera Lounge hangout and advised him to emulate the pose he pulled on the photo with Jimmie Kajim and his wife.

“Someone tell KRG that’s where to place your hands while taking photos with someone’s girlfriend/wife. Thanks to this amazing couple MC Jimmie Kajim and Wambui Kajim for starring on my new song #HUYU,” wrote Bahati.

Bahati’s post attracted the attention of his fans and other Kenyans who joined him in bashing KRG The Don for being disrespectful while hanging out with his friends and their wives.

Quite a number of people who commented on Bahati’s post held that KRG The Don was out of order when he carelessly danced with Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua suggestively.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan digital media, KRG The Don sparked heated debates online after a video of himself dancing with Diana Marua suggestively at Casavera Lounge hit the interwebs.

KRG The Don was caught on camera dancing with Diana Marua suggestively during their previous hangout at Casavera Lounge. Photo: K24.

Countless netizens condemned him for having his hands all over Diana Marua despite the fact that she is his friend Bahati’s wife.

Some critics called out KRG The Don for breaking the “Bro Code” by being all over his friend Bahati’s wife while the musician himself was present at the scene.

Well, it is not yet clear if Bahati’s attack against KRG The Don is real or just a ploy to create hype for his recently-released song, Huyu.

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