• The African Pablo did not disclose why and when he gave Baha the money but offered proof to confirm his accusations were real

• The artiste noted that Baha has been taking him round in circles since April

• A well-wisher paid the debt for Baha hours after he was exposed as a con

Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya, known to many as Baha’s brand has dealt a terrible blow after being dragged into an unexpected scandal.

Baha was recently exposed by upcoming musician, The African Pablo for trying to con him KSh 15,000.

The African Pablo said Baha had refused to pay him. Photo: The African Pablo/Instagram.

Breaking the news, The African Pablo shared screengrabs of his conversation with Baha as he tried to demand his money back on his Insta-stories updates.

The musician also shared a video on his status to plead with Baha to pay up the KSh 15k.

The African Pablo did not disclose why and when he initially sent the actor the money but shared proof that he has been in communication with Baha over the same.

The African Pablo said Baha was taking him round in circles. Photo: The African Pablo/Instagram.

“Ata Mimi nataka pesa yangu. Híi ni ukora sasa. Huwezi nitoka uchumi ikiwa tricky hivi mzee.” The African Pablo captioned his statuses.

Going by the exchange on the screenshots, Baha has indeed been taking The African Pablo round in circles since April.

Well, it took The African Pablo’s expose for Baha to pay up, YEIYO.com has learnt.

The African Pablo informed his followers that a well-wisher had paid the debt for Baha about 12 hours after his exposé.

While some people bashed Baha for failing to pay up his debt, many stood with him and defended his brand holding that everyone in Kenya is owed by someone else, therefore he should take a chill pill.

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