• Babu Owino revealed he has been footing DJ Evolve’s hospital bills and even bought him a KSh 17 million house in Kilimani

• The Embakasi East MP also disclosed plans to open a DJ Academy for DJ Evolve are underway

• These, the vocal legislator disclosed while defending himself in court

Vocal Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has finally revealed the amount of money he has spent so far on ailing Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve ever since he checked into the hospital.

Babu Owino, who was captured on CCTV camera shooting DJ Evolve at a Nairobi wet hole disclosed that he has spent about KSh 58.6 million in treating and taking care of all the bills of DJ Evolve.

While defending himself in court, Babu Owino told trial magistrate Bernard Ochoi that he bought a KSh 17 Million apartment for DJ Evolve in Kilimani, where he currently resides.

Babu Owino said he has been taking care of DJ Evolve and his family. Photo: Nairobi News.

This, he was forced to make public as he tried to come clean in a matter where he had found to have misused his firearm.

“The family was not able to take care of him and as a leader I continued paying the medical bills. Total bills accumulated to KSh 23 million. He was immobile and could not move.I bought an apartment at Kilimani at around KSh 17 million and hired two nurses, 2 physiotherapists 1 occupational therapists which up to date am paying KSh 300,000 per month,” Babu Owino said.

The Azimio legislator went on to add that he is planning to take DJ Evolve for further treatment abroad and even sponsor the opening of a DJ academy business for him.

DJ Evolve has been ailing for close to 3 years now. Photo: Courtesy.

“I have paid KSh 11.1million and its still going on for 37months. I take care of his upkeep of KSh 70,000 per month to pay bills and food. Medicine is KSh 80,000 per month. I have paid KSh.5.5 million for 37 months.” Babu Owino added.

While defending himself further, the MP told the court that his gun had jammed on the day he is said to have shot DJ Evolve and therefore there was no possibility that it was the one that fired the shot.

“The gun could not shoot. The bullet could have come from another firearm,” he added.

The Kenyan media had earlier reported that MP Babu Owino was ordered to defend himself in court against allegations of firearm misuse at a nightclub in Kilimani.

Babu Owino promised to open a DJ Academy for DJ Evolve. Photo: UGC.

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate, Bernard Ochoi, ruled that the prosecution presented enough evidence to justify proceeding with the case.

YEIYO.com understands Babu Owino was accused of disorderly conduct and firing a bullet with the intention to cause harm to DJ Evolve, while in possessions of a registered firearm.

The magistrate rejected the MP’s defense that the prosecution had not met the burden of proof, stating that the prosecution had established a strong case against him.

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