• Azziad stunned Mwende Macharia and Clemmo after walking out on them during a live interview

• The TikToker got angry when she was asked of her take following the disbandment of Talanta Hela Initiative committee

• Kenyans blasted her online for being rude to the Radio Maisha presenters

TikToker Azziad Nasenya has left her fans and Kenyans with a bad taste in their mouths after rudely walking out of a live radio interview.

As the story goes, Azziad had on Wednesday, June 21, been hosted by Mwende Macharia and Clemmo on their show Konnekt, which airs on Radio Maisha.

All was well and the interview was flowing smoothly as the radio hosts tried to engage with her on a myriad of issues pertaining her life and the general state of the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Azziad was angered when she was asked for her take on the Talanta Hela Initiative committee disbandment. Photo: Azziad Nasenya/Instagram.

All hell broke loose when Mwende Macharia asked Azziad Nasenya about her view on the recent disbandment of the Talanta Hela Initiative committee, which she was initially part of.

Azziad suddenly flipped and her mood shifted as she denied to respond to the question.

Mwende pressed her harder but even her journalistic experience could not get Azziad to respond, instead she stood up and left the studio midway the interview.

The whole melee was captured on camera and within no time, the video had gone viral on social media.

The video sparked mixed reactions online with quite a multitude of Kenyans blasting her for being rude to her hosts.

Many wondered why she could not just adress the issue or respectfully sent the same but chose to walk out on Mwende and Clemmo.

A host of netizens concluded she was dealing with celebrity syndrome having garnered some little fame over the past few years.

Her supporters, however, defended her action holding that she had every right to do whatever she wanted since it is her life and brand in question.

Azziad’s fans insisted that Mwende should have respected her choice of not answering the Talanta Hela question instead of poking her further.

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