• Mtumba Man disclosed that his girlfriend has been beating him up and even turned his house upside down

• The online sensation said he was afraid of coming out to share his tribulations because of how society judge men beaten by their women

It is not everyday that men come out to share about the suffering they have been going through in the hands of their wives and girlfriends.

Many men would rather die than disclosing how their better halves have been beating them Blue and Black.

However, there are some who usually come out and share the tribulations with the world all in a bid to help fellow men dealing with the same challenge.

Mtumba Man disclosed he has been suffering domestic violence in silence. Photo: Mtumba Man/Instagram.

Social media sensation Mtumba Man has joined the short list of men who have publicly opened up about receiving terribly beatings from their wives and lovers.

Mtumba Man on Thursday, September 21, revealed how he has been tolerating beatings from his girlfriend for some time now.

These, the online sensation disclosed after meeting with Oga Obinna who has been on the forefront in rescuing men from abusive marriages and relationships.

Taking to his Instagram page, Mtumba Man posted a video of himself spending time with Oga Obinna as he thanked him for coming to his rescue.

Mtumba Man also showed scars he acquired from the many fights he had with his violent girlfriend.

Through his caption, Mtumba Man stated that he has been dealing with a violent girlfriend who has been beating him up and even destroying things in his house.

According to Mtumba Man, he was hesitant to come out with the story since the society usually judge men beaten by their women harshly.

He, however, noted that he finally decided to share his tribulations with the world before he is found dead.

” At first it was so hard to talk about kupigwa na girlfriend because of my society, name, brand and fear of the outcome until I realised that nobody will know what happened when am gone. You’ll know he’s a brother when he spends the whole day with you no matter the meetings, family na all that he was to do today. Baada ya kisu, kucha, meno na uharibifu wa vitu vya nyumba, this nigga Oga Obinna is always there for me. Bro God bless you. He pulled up with a lot of energy and time. Si am blessed having such people around me.” Mtumba Man wrote.

His revelation left hundred of his followers with mixed reactions.

A multitude of Mtumba Man’s fans felt bad for him and duly hit the comments section of his post to encourage him.

Others, however, felt he was too weak to even be beaten by his girlfriend.

But a majority of his followers, advised him to never stay in a violent relationship and that he should walk at the first sight of violence from the other party.

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