Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife publicly demands for divorce: “I am tired”


• Amina disclosed that she is tired of pretending all is well in her marriage

• The Kenyan beauty asked Ali Kiba to sign divorce papers because she was tired of living in a miserable marriage

• The mother of two said she has been patient with Ali Kiba just to protect his larger than life brand

There is storm over paradise in Ali Kiba’s marriage, has learnt.

This publication understands Ali Kiba’s marriage to his Kenyan wife Amina, alias Aileen Alora is on the verge of going to the dogs.

This was brought to the public attention by Amina who recently took to social media to publicly asked Ali Kiba for divorce.

Amina said she is tired of pretending all is well in her marriage. Photo: SDE.

Kiba’s wife Aileen Alora on Wednesday, June 14, disclosed that she had already filed for divorce only that the musician has refused to sign the divorce papers.

Through an Insta-stories update seen by, Amina narrated how she has been suffering in her marriage as her hubby lived his life to the fullest.

According to the mother of two, Ali Kiba has been hesitant to sign the divorce papers to save face owing to his social status.

Amina noted that Ali Kiba has been enjoying his life as she struggles to maintain and protect her marriage.

Ali Kiba’s wife disclosed the singer has refused to sign divorce papers. Photo: Courtesy.

The lady asked Ali Kiba to release her so that she can also enjoy her life since she doesn’t feel “wifey” while in the marriage.

“Nimeona kuna haja ya kuaddress, I think hii inaenda kuwa too much!! I am tired of being disrespected publicly huku watu wakiwa hawaelewi situation iliyopo katika kivuli cha mke wa mtu. Nimeondoka kwenye Maisha yako kuepuka maumivu, abuse Na mengi, lakini mpaka leo hutaki kunipatia divorce huku wewe ukiwa huru kufanya mambo yako na mimi ukinifungia katika kivuli cha MKE WA MTU(In the name of kulinda brand as you said). Kindly, nakutomba SIGN THE PAPERS ili nipate divorce yangu kila mmoja aendelee Kwa uhuru, Asante!” Amina wrote on Instagram.

Amina’s revelation did not come as a surprise to many since the divorce had earlier been predicted.

Ali Kiba and Amina’s marriage is under the rocks. Photo: Aileen Alora/Instagram.

About a year ago, Amina moved back to Mombasa from Tanzania, leaving many with belief that her marriage was under the rocks.

The two, however, rubbished the rumours as Amina flew back to her hubby in Tanzania.

Unconfirmed reports had earlier indicated that Ali Kiba is gay and only married Amina to protect his brand.

Others also claimed Amina had left Ali Kiba because she could not live in the same house with Ali Kiba’s mother and siblings in Tanzania.

Grapevine had it that the family was so huge that it was suffocating Amina, allegations she did not confirm or deny.


  1. Hata maisha mnayoishi sio ya kiislamu wewe unajua fika muziki ni haramu na ulikubali kuolewa naye mnaishi maisha haramu kula kulala kuvaa nyumba mnayoishi samani za nyumba zote ni haramu hata watoto mliowazaa ni wa haramu.

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