• Alex Karani is not only moving the masses with his music but also his prowess as a TV show host

• As a gospel musician, Alex Karani deftly weaves the threads of urban and vernacular rhythms into a melodic tapestry that resonates within hearts

In the ever-evolving landscape of gospel music, one name has risen above the rest as a beacon of harmony and devotion—Alex Karani.

With the precision of a maestro, he deftly weaves the threads of urban and vernacular rhythms into a melodic tapestry that resonates within hearts.

From the soul-stirring strains of “Jesu Mutharabaini” to the evocative echoes of “Ningukugocha,” Karani has etched his mark onto the hearts of many, traversing musical boundaries to create a symphony of unity through his resounding voice.

Tambira Sunday has been attracting even more eyeballs by the day. Photo: Alex Karani/Original..

But it’s not just about the music.

His magnum opus is the vibrant show that has taken the gospel scene by storm—”TAMBIRA SUNDAY that he host alongside Zoe and Iky the Dj.”

Nestled within the embrace of Look Up TV, a network conceived by the visionary Bishop Ken, known as the partner of the revered worship minister Pastor Mercy Ken of SIRI YA MACHOZI YANGU song, this show has breathed new life into the fusion of laughter and devotion.

“TAMBIRA SUNDAY,” is one-of-a-kind gospel TV show that airs on Look up TV, stands as a testament to Karani’s musical prowess and his passion for connecting people through faith and laughter.

In a candid media interview, Karani unveiled the essence of “TAMBIRA SUNDAY.”

With an uncontainable passion, he described the show as a canvas of dynamic experiences, where laughter and devotion collide in perfect harmony.

He notes that “TAMBIRA SUNDAY” distinguishes itself in the realm of gospel entertainment by offering viewers a dynamic and engaging experience.

Alex Karani is one of Kenya’s most popular gospel musicians and TV host . Photo: Alex Karani/Original.

He noted that the show’s unique approach involves playful games that unveil the artists’ personalities in unexpected and delightful ways, proving that even the most devoted souls have a lighthearted side.

“TAMBIRA SUNDAY” has carved a special place in the hearts of its viewers, becoming a cornerstone of their weekends. The show’s fusion of spirituality and lightheartedness is a gentle reminder that faith can uplift and inspire while bringing joy to audiences of all ages,” he said.

He noted that TAMBIRA SUNDAY show doesn’t just elevate spirits; it’s a gentle affirmation that faith, when intertwined with joy, becomes a luminous beacon of inspiration for all ages.

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