• Abel Mutua disclosed that he is grounded because he understands people don’t love him but what he has to offer

• According to Abel Mutua, people tend to ditch their friends when they can nolonger benefit from them

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua alias Mkurugenzi has stirred the pot after letting out his honest opinion about, people and their relationships with others.

This is after the father of one made it clear that many people are not genuine with their intentions, care, affection and support.

Abel Mutua said fake friends will flee when there is nothing they are getting in return. Photo: Courtesy.

Speaking during a candid interview with LNN, Abel Mutua informed viewers that most of their friends are not with them because they love them but because of what they offer.

According to Mkurugenzi, most if not most of the people we call friends will flee the moment they can nolonger benefit from what you offer.

“The moment I stop giving people what they want, that is the moment they will be done with me. People are here because they are getting something from you. People love you because they are getting something from you whether you like it or not. “ Abel Mutua said.

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua said some of his friends ditched him when he did not cast them in his shows. Photo: UGC.

He went on to share that people will always leave you the moment you stop giving them, or rather they stop getting what they have been benefiting from you.

Using his own life as an example, Abel Mutua noted that he has at some point lost ‘friends’ who bailed after learning they can nolonger benefit from whatever he had been offering them.

At some point during the interview, the content creator disclosed some of his friends ditched him because he did not cast them in his plethora of productions.

“They don’t just love you because you are a human being…It’s because they are siphoning from you. The moment you stop giving them that which keeps them by your side, then that’s it, they are done. If you commit to do something, people will start loving you because of the thing that you do, because they are benefiting in some way. The moment you stop working in this something that you are doing and start leaning into the love that you are getting, you are losing. Because you’ll stop giving them what they want and they will leave you.” Added Abel Mutua.

Mkurugenzi’s sad reality was echoed by countless Kenyans on social media who also shared their unfortunate experiences with their so called friends.

Abel Mutua was lauded by many people who congratulated him for being fearless and telling Kenyans the bitter truth.

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