• CS Ababu Namwamba was spotted with a pair of black and white sneakers at a different event

• Azziad Nasenya was photographed rocking shoes similar to Ababu’s during one of her recent vacations

• Kenyans were stunned by the strange coincidence

Youthful Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports, Ababu Namwamba has been entangled in sex scandal, risking his position at the helm of the powerful ministry.

Kenyans on Thursday, June 8, woke up to viral side by side photos of Ababu Namwamba and TikToker Azziad Nasenya seemingly rocking the same black and white pair of shoes that bore striking resembles.

The images which spread fast on social media platforms left many wondering how coincidental it was for the CS and Azziad to be spotted with shoes that clearly looked the same.

Azziad Nasenya and Ababu Namwamba rocking shoes that look exactly the ssme. Photo: Courtesy.

While some netizens claimed the two may just have the same taste of shoes and therefore bought themselves pairs seperately, many had opposite line of thoughts.

A multitude of Kenyans on social media insisted the shoe belonged to one of the two public figures and the other one was only borrowing; leaving quite a number wondering the type of relationship they share.

This comes not long after Ababu Namwamba found himself on the spot for appointing Azziad Nasenya as on of the Committee Members of the Talanta Hela Board.

Many Kenyans ranted online as they sought clarity from Ababu on the criteria he used to grant Azziad a top government job.

Then, some characters pointed out that Ababu appointment Azziad because she is his lover but a section of people rubbished the allegations.

Well, as it seems, there is more to this whole Ababu and Azziad story than what meets the eye.

However, as it is with almost every thing under the sun, only time will tell.

Keep it YEIYO.com as we follow up the story closely and we will duly update you as new details emerge.

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