A Step Towards Development and Environmental Conservation


Exciting news reverberates through the vibrant community of Kishushe as Hon. Mvuria, Cabinet Secretary for Mining and Blue Economy, grants permission to initiate a public participation meeting. This meeting aims to select projects to be funded by the Kes. 10 million recently paid by the Mining Investor as arrears, while also pursuing the remaining Kes. 30 million. The community stands firm in their resolve that no mining activity by Samrudha Resources will be permitted until all outstanding areas are settled, as agreed upon in a public baraza held in April. The CS has also expressed his intention to visit Kishushe to kickstart the agreed-upon projects. This announcement was made during the CS’s recent visit to Voi, where he accompanied Hon. Penina Malonza, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, for the official launch of nationwide human-wildlife claims compensation. Additionally, the CS has given the green light for the upcoming operation of the Voi Gemstone Centre, with an official opening planned for the near future. Furthermore, following an agreement reached last week during a visit by Mining PS Mr. Mbugua, small artisanal miners will be allowed to continue their work in Kishushe.

A New Era of Community Engagement:

Hon. Mvuria’s decision to call for a public participation meeting marks an important milestone for the community of Kishushe. With Kes. 10 million at their disposal, the community now has the opportunity to determine and prioritize the projects that will best serve their needs and aspirations. This inclusive approach ensures that every voice is heard and that the projects selected truly reflect the desires and requirements of the community. The commitment to pursuing the remaining Kes. 30 million demonstrates a resolute dedication to securing additional funding for future development initiatives.

Upholding Environmental Conservation: Kishushe’s unwavering stance regarding mining activity by Samrudha Resources serves as a powerful testament to the community’s determination to protect their environment. By demanding full settlement of outstanding areas, Kishushe upholds their resolve to safeguard their natural resources and preserve the ecological integrity of their land. The decision made in the public baraza held in April serves as a testament to the collective strength and unity of the community.

A Visit of Promise:

The CS’s confirmation of his forthcoming visit to Kishushe signifies his personal commitment to kickstarting the selected projects. This visit not only acknowledges the community’s efforts and aspirations but also provides a platform for the CS to witness firsthand the transformative impact of the projects he has championed. The visit holds the promise of fostering a stronger relationship between the government and the community of Kishushe, enabling collaborative efforts towards sustainable development.

Advancing the Gemstone Industry:

Amidst the recent developments, the CS’s endorsement of the Voi Gemstone Centre signifies a crucial step towards harnessing the economic potential of the region. By giving the go-ahead for its operation, the government affirms its commitment to promoting the gemstone industry and creating opportunities for local artisans. The forthcoming official opening of the center will mark a significant milestone in Kishushe’s journey towards becoming a hub for gemstone trade and expertise.

Supporting Artisanal Miners:

The agreement reached during the visit by Mining PS Mr. Mbugua ensures the continued livelihood of small artisanal miners in Kishushe. Acknowledging their contribution to the community’s economic landscape, this decision allows these hardworking individuals to pursue their craft while adhering to responsible mining practices. This agreement reflects a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental stewardship.

As Kishushe embraces this new chapter of community engagement and development, guided by the public participation meeting, the community’s commitment to environmental conservation remains steadfast. With the CS’s impending visit, the Voi Gemstone Centre’s operationalization, and the support extended to artisanal miners, Kishushe stands poised to flourish. Through collaboration and collective determination, the community of Kishushe is paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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