• Ngesh Wa Vasha took to social media to thank God for blessing her with her first major show in Nairobi

• The online sensation disclosed she will be pocketing over KSh 100k for her performance

Ngesh will be performing at the Aluta Ya Kaveve Kazoze event which will go down at The Loft

Viral social media sensation Ngesh Wa Vasha has come out to thank God for blessing her with her first ever major show after breaking the internet with her “rap” song Kaveve Kazoze.

Ngesh, who recently won the hearts of many Kenyans with her “joke” songs disclosed to the world that she had finally managed to get booked for a performance at the popular Thika Road wet hole, The Loft.

In an Instagram post seen by YEIYO.com, Ngesh Wa Vasha revealed that she will be pocketing a six figure amount for her performance scheduled for Sunday, June 25, at The Loft.

Ngesh Wa Vasha told off her haters after landing her first major show. Photo: YouTube.

The lass shared a poster of the event which is dubbed Aluta Ya Kaveve Kazoze as she thanked Karen Nyamu and Mark Steve for helping her bag the show.

Not only did Ngesh use the chance to thank God and the aforementioned people but also throw shade at her imaginary haters.

“Sikuwa nataka kutangaza but…God ameperform through Karen Nyamu and Stevo. First 6 digits performance at loft. Asanteni. Ifikie Yule hater sijui Saba what sijui Sabaot.” Ngesh Wa Vasha wrote.

Her announcement excited countless of her fans and other Kenyans who admitted that indeed God was doing His thing in her life.

Others, however, tried to dim her light by insisting that she does not deserve such shows and features because she is not a real artiste.

According to her critics, Kenya is blessed with many talented and real artistes who deserve such shows and pay but not her.

It should be noted Ngesh Wa Vasha sparked heated debates online following her overnight fame.

While some Kenyans felt she deserves everything heading her way, quite a multitude called out her supporters and everyone promoting her, holding that they are killing the Kenyan music industry by progressing mediocrity instead of real and good music.

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